How to make a playstation 3 account

how to make a playstation 3 account

This video will show you how to make a PlayStation Network (PSN) account on the ps3! MAKING AN ACCOUNT. You have to make your own PSN account to use the PlayStation Network. but you can also make a new PlayStation Network account from a PS4, PS3 or PSP. To use PSN SM, you must have a Sony Entertainment Network account. To create an account, select (Sign Up) under (PlayStation ™Network), and then follow. how to make a playstation 3 account Is the PlayStation Network free, and do I need to put in my credit card information? This screen asks you to create an ID that can be seen by others online. Enter quasar bedeutung email address and password of the master account that is to be associated with the sub account. You can check specific age requirements in different regions and languages at PlayStation3 Licensing Agreements. You may be asked to fill out a questionnaire once you complete your account registration.



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